Wednesday, 29 June 2022

29th - 30th June 2022

Thursday, 30th JuneA decidedly cool morning, heavily overcast and with odd spells of drizzly rain early on, but brightening slowly as the breeze freshened from the south-west..........

Selsey Bill: There was little to report beyond plenty of terns offshore. Full log below. (SR/AH)
(0635-0735hrs) (WSW, F3)
Gannet - 1E, 2W
Mediterranean Gull -  3os
Sandwich Tern - 75os
Common Tern - 2os
Little Tern - 8os
House Martin - 4
Common Seal - 1os

(1645-1745hrs) (SH)
Gannet - 5E, 2W
Common Scoter - 1W
Mediterranean Gull - 10W
Common Gull - 1W
Sandwich Tern - 67os
Little Tern - 7os

Sandwich Tern at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: There were 62 Lapwings, seven Redshank and ten Black-tailed Godwits on the pool this morning, plus the Shelduck family. (AH)

Black-tailed Godwits (above) & Shelduck family (AH)

Pagham Spit: Two Common Sandpipers were together on the remnants of the Little Lagoon on the spit, later moving off into the harbour. (IMcK)

North Wall: There were 52 Redshanks and three Grey Plovers in White's Creek this morning, while 51 Curlew were spread across the harbour.
Along the edge of the Slipe field two Chiffchaff and a Reed Warbler sang whilst off the North Wall, three Cetti’s Warblers included two singing and 16 Reed Warblers included some fully fledged young still being fed by adults. (IMcK)
There wasn't much to report this evening, with three Sand Martins and a Common Tern, plus a few Cattle Egrets being about it. (S&SaH)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pools - There were plenty of young birds along the banks, including at least four Whitethroat families and two Stonechat families, with plenty of Linnets and Skylarks about, along with at least half a dozen Yellowhammers, a couple of Reed Buntings and at least four singing Reed Warblers.
A feeding flock of c25 Swifts dropped in just north of the Stilt Pool for a while before moving off west, with a few Swallows about, too, whilst two Cattle Egrets were on the adjacent part of the reserve.
There were still four juvenile Avocets, along with eight adults and three chicks, but only single adult Little Ringed and Ringed Plovers were seen, with the Oystercatcher family apparently moved on, though the adult and juvenile Egyptian Goose were still present, as was the mother Tufted Duck with two ducklings.
Otherwise, three Grey Herons flew over together and c60 Canada Geese were on the pool, along with four Lapwings. (AH)

Swifts (above), Cattle Egrets, Little Ringed Plover, Avocet, Stonechat, Whitethroat & Yellowhammer, Stonechat and Whitethroat at Medmerry (AH)

Church Norton: There were at least 80 freshly fledged Sandwich Terns in the harbour this evening, along with many young Black-headed Gulls, but, so far, no young Mediterranean Gulls.
Also, four Ringed Plovers were in the harbour, with another six and six Turnstones on the beach. (AH)

Sandwich Terns (above) & Mediterranean Gulls at Church Norton (AH)

Wednesday, 29th JuneA morning of changeable weather, with a murky start in lighter winds, followed by a spell of quite heavy rain that gave way to a mix of heavy cloud and the odd bit of blue sky in a freshening south-westerly.........

Selsey Bill: There was a bit more activity offshore this morning, with quite a few Gannets, terns and gulls heading out to feed, whilst five Common Scoters went east. Full log below. (SR/AH)
(0635-0820hrs) (SW, F3-4)
Gannet - 19E, 12W, 6os
Mallard - 6W
Common Scoter - 5E
Oystercatcher - 1E
Mediterranean Gull - 9W, 1os
Sandwich Tern - 75os
Common Tern - 9os
Little Tern - 22os
Swift - 5
House Martin - 3

Little Tern (above), Common Tern & Sandwich Terns at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: There were 12 Black-tailed Godwits on the pool this morning, along with just two Lapwings and the Shelduck family. (AH)

Lapwing on the Ferry (AH)

East Side: There were several Purple Hairstreaks in the oaks along the east side this morning. (TH)

Purple Hairstreaks along the east side (TH)

North Wall: There were just a few Sedge Warblers, Reed Warblers and Reed Buntings along the wall this morning. (MT)

Sedge Warbler at the North Wall (MT)

Church Norton: With the wind easing a little, there was a bit more warbler activity than of late, with a Lesser Whitethroat singing and another seen, and several Whitethroats, Blackcaps and Reed Warblers both seen and heard along the front, along with a handful of Linnets and a bedraggled young Buzzard.
At least 50 juvenile Sandwich Terns and lots of young Black-headed Gulls were spread around the harbour, where there was still plenty of activity, but waders were confined to four Ringed Plovers, two Turnstones and a dozen Curlews. (AH)

Lesser Whitethroat (above), Whitethroat, Blackcap, Linnet, juvenile Buzzard, juvenile Sandwich Tern, Ringed Plover & Yellow Horned Poppy at Church Norton (AH)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pools - Despite the wind and occasional shower Skylarks, Yellowhammers and Linnets were in full song today, whilst a family of Stonechats were sitting out and a Sparrowhawk, three Buzzards and two Kestrels were seen over the fields.
The first two Tufted Ducklings of the year were on the Stilt Pools, whilst a pair of Avocets were looking after their three tiny chicks, even chasing off the Little Ringed Plovers. Meanwhile the three juvenile Avocets had almost reached adult size, as had the young Oystercatchers, whilst Little Ringed Plovers were very active - there seemed to be three adults and one juvenile, along with one Ringed Plover.
Only one Egyptian Goose was seen today and there was a family of Mallards with seven ducklings. Unfortunately there was an injured Lapwing that appeared to have a broken wing. Also, two Swallows flew over the pools. (SR)

juvenile Stonechats (above), Avocet chicks, Tufted Duck family & Skylark at Medmerry (SR)

Saturday, 25 June 2022

25th - 28th June 2022

Tuesday, 28th JuneThe spell of blustery south-westerly winds continues, with a mix of sunshine and fast moving cloud again this morning.....

Selsey Bill: A Sand Martin went east and there were two Hummingbird Hawk-moths by the eastern wall again, but very little was going on offshore. Full log below. (SR/IP/AH)
(0705-0805hrs) (WSW, F4)
Gannet - 3W
Sandwich Tern - 50os
Swift - 2
Sand Martin - 1E
House Martin - 2

Hummingbird Hawk-moth at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: There were 22 Lapwings, eight Black-tailed Godwits and three Redshank on the pool, along with the Shelduck family. (AH)
This evening the first two returning Common Sandpipers were along the channel opposite. (AB)

Black-tailed Godwit (above) & Lapwings at the Ferry (AH)

North Wall: There were still two Swallows around the stables this morning and a Blackcap and a Greenfinch were in the nearby bushes, whilst three Reed Warblers were in the reeds by the sluice and along White's Creek there were 22 Redshank, four Lapwings and 32 Curlews, along with a Great Crested Grebe and the pair of Wigeon.
The Shelduck family were still all together on the Breech pool and the pair of Marsh Harriers were very active early on behind the Breech Pool area, including a mid-air food pass from male to female at one point. (LP/IMcK))

Reed Warbler (above), Shelduck family & Redshanks at the North Wall (LP)

Pagham Spit: A ‘dread’ from the newest island brought up 48 Little Terns, which flew around briefly before settling back in., and there were also four Grey Plovers in the harbour mouth. (IMcK)

Chichester GPs: At least six Common Terns were feeding around Ivy Lake and the adjacent lakes this morning, whilst there were also seven Egyptian Geese, c40 Greylag Geese and c150 Canada Geese around, along with four drake Pochards, c40 Tufted Ducks, ten Great Crested Grebes and at least 200 Coots.
Several Reed Warblers and, briefly a Chiffchaff, were singing, with a few Long-tailed Tits about, but small birds were generally keeping low in the windy conditions. (AH)

Common Terns (above), Great Crested Grebe, Egyptian Geese & Greylag Geese at Chichester GPs (AH)

Runcton: Hummingbird Hawk-moth was on Lavender in the garden today, with two present a couple of days ago. (MJ)

Medmerry: Medmerry Trail and Porthole Farm - An adult and a juvenile Kestrel were around the barn, a Buzzard and a Little Egret flew over, two newly fledged Song Thrushes were inadvertently flushed from the path and 14 Mediterranean Gulls and two Red-legged Partridges were in the stubble field.
The settling tanks had 20 Swifts, 12 Swallows and three House Martins and the bushes held four calling Chiffchaffs, six Whitethroats and a Cetti's Warbler.
Also a Hummingbird Hark-Moth was along the Medmerry Trail. (SR)

Song Thrush at Medmerry (SR)

Church Norton: Bar a couple of Ringed Plovers and Curlews, there were no waders in the harbour this evening, and less gulls and terns, though plenty of young Black-headed Gulls,  were on the mud as a large mixed flock of Sandwich Terns, Mediterranean and Black-headed Gulls - all adults - were sat out on the beach.
There were still Sandwich Terns and the odd Little and Common Terns bringing in food, though, and a pair of Common Terns with a newly fledged youngster flew out of the harbour. (AH)

Sandwich Tern (above), Common Tern, juvenile Black-headed Gull & Sandwich Terns, Mediterranean and Black-headed Gulls at Church Norton (AH)

Medmerry Breach: A Grey Seal was in the breach this afternoon. (AT)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pool - A Barn Owl was out hunting this evening, a Dartford Warbler was near Marsh Barn and two Cattle Egrets were on the reserve, whilst the banks held seven Yellowhammers, a Reed Bunting, three Reed Warblers and two Pied Wagtails, with two Swifts and 21 Swallows over.
There were three new Avocet chicks, along with four juveniles and six adults on the stilt Pool, whilst the young Little Ringed Plover with one of its parent was nearly full-grown, the two young Oystercatchers were flying and the juvenile Egyptian Goose was still present with one of its parents. (S&SaH)

Avocet sheltering young at Medmerry (SH)

Monday, 27th JuneBright and breezy, with sunshine and cloud in a fresh south-westerly, but becoming duller with showers by late morning.....

Selsey Bill: Another very quiet morning, with a Hummingbird Hawk-moth the most notable sighting. Full log below. (SR/IP/AH)
(0645-0745hrs) (F5, WSW)
Gannet - 2E, 1W
Mediterranean Gull - 2W
Sandwich Tern - 73os
Common Tern - 1W
Swift - 3
House Martin - 1
Common Tern - 1W
Hummingbird Hawkmoth - 1

A look along Broadreeds Estate found five, and possibly six, House Martin nests and a fine Viper's Bugloss. (SR)

Swift (above), House Martin (AH) & Viper's Bugloss (SR) at the Bill

Ferry Pool: There were just five Black-tailed Godwits, two Teal and the Shelduck family on the pool this morning. (AH)

Teal (above) & Shelduck-lings at the Ferry (AH)

West Wittering: A splendid Tree-creeper was sunning itself right outside my office window this afternoon. (GM)

Tree-creeper in a West Wittering garden (GM)

North Wall and East side: On the rapidly drying Breech pool there was no sign this morning of yesterday’s Spotted Redshank and the only birds of interest were a pair of Shelduck with eight young, a brief view of the female Marsh Harrier, a Stock Dove, two high Swifts and six Mediterranean Gulls which flew over, heading towards the harbour.
The Swallow activity at the stables was much reduced this morning, with just a pair of birds seen, whilst there were still lots of Herons and Egrets in Owl Copse, and out on their island and there was a female Mallard with six chicks on the water there. At Halsey’s Farm there were a pair of Buzzards, two Skylarks, a Curlew, two Cormorants and three Black-tailed Godwits.
Along White's Creek and the East side a summering pair of Wigeon were a surprise, whilst two Great Crested Grebes were in the channel together with the pair of Mute Swans and their single cygnet, and there were also a few waders about, consisting of nine Grey Plovers, several Lapwings, 14 Redshank, a dozen Oystercatchers and up to 20 Curlew.
Sadly, at the sluice by White’s Creek a very sick Black-headed Gull – presumably stricken with avian flu – sat immobile awaiting its fate. (OM/LP/CT)
This evening, both the female and the male Marsh Harriers were present - the first sighting of the male for several days. (S&SaH)H

Black-tailed Godwits and Cormorants (above) (LP), pair of Wigeon & sickly Black-headed Gull, probably afflicted with avian flu, (OM) at the North Wall

Pagham Spit: This afternoon a flock of 15 Knot were in the harbour, along with two Dunlin, 25 Curlews, 22 Oystercatchers and four Great Crested Grebes, with five Common Terns among the other, more numerous, species.
Also, two juvenile Stonechats and a singing Skylark were along the spit. (IMcK)

Church Norton: There were still lots of Sandwich Terns and Little Terns bringing in food this morning, along with just a few Common Terns, and there still appears to plenty of activity around both the Little Terns' islands and Tern Island, despite the large numbers of birds sitting out in the harbour.
Otherwise, though, there wasn't much to report in the blustery conditions, with waders comprising three Ringed Plovers, six Dunlin, seven Turnstones and half a dozen Curlews, with up to ten scattered Swifts feeding lower down than usual, a Sparrowhawk heading for Bluebell Wood and just a few Linnets and a couple of Skylarks along the spit. (AH/IP)

Little Terns (above), Common Tern, Sandwich Terns, Mediterranean Gulls & Ringed Plover at Church Norton (AH)

This evening the flock of c15 Knot seen earlier from Pagham Spit, were in a tight group near Tern Island, whilst at least eight Dunlin and ten Ringed Plovers were out on the mud. (AH)

Knot at Church Norton (AH)

Sunday, 26th June: The weather remains bright and blustery, if quite warm, with the breeze still fresh and from the south-west....

Selsey Bill: A juvenile Black-headed Gull went west and five Common Scoters went east, but otherwise it was just the regular mix. Full log below. (SH/SR/AH/IP)
(0550-0805hrs) (SW, F5-6)
Gannet - 2E, 16W
Common Scoter - 5E
Black-headed Gull - 1W (juvenile!)
Mediterranean Gull - 2os
Sandwich Tern - 42os
Common Tern - 3os
Little Tern - 5os
Swift - 1
House Martin - 4

Sandwich Tern (above) & Little Tern at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: There were just two Avocets, four Black-tailed Godwits and the Shelduck family on the pool this morning. (AH)

Avocets (above) & Shelduck family at the Ferry (AH)

Park Farm, Selsey: There were no juvenile Kestrels on show this morning, though there were adults hunting, whilst a male Sparrowhawk and a juvenile Pied Wagtail around the farm buildings and a Lesser Whitethroat was also present. (IP)

Church Norton: A juvenile Stonechat was around the bushes opposite the First Several and two Cattle Egrets were in the horse field, whilst all of the usual warblers were present in thin numbers and a Reed Bunting was in the bushes beside the Second Several, with a Marbled White in the same area.
Wader numbers were also lower than yesterday, with 16 Turnstones, four Curlews, two Grey Plovers and a Ringed Plover accompanying the usual Oystercatchers, whilst juvenile Black-headed Gull numbers continue to increase around the harbour,
Worryingly, there appeared to be a dead Oystercatcher (or possibly Shelduck) at the end of the concrete blocks close to the viewing benches. (IP)

Cattle Egret at Church Norton (IP)

There were a pair of Ringed Plovers on the concrete blocks with three young chicks this evening, though the only other waders seen were a handful of Curlews.
There were vast numbers of terns and gulls sitting out on the mud, including at least 40 Little Terns, 100+ Mediterranean Gulls, c30 juvenile Sandwich Terns and 100+ juvenile Black-headed Gulls, and when something disturbed them there were even more flying out from Tern Island. (AH)

Ringed Plover family (above), Sandwich Terns, Mediterranean Gull & gulls and terns flying off Tern Island at Church Norton (AH)

North Wall: A smart summer-plumaged Spotted Redshank on the remnants of the Breech Pool was the highlight of a quiet morning, though the female Marsh Harrier showed briefly and there were plenty of Cattle and Little Egrets around Owl Copse.
Reed and Sedge Warblers, Whitethroats and Reed Buntings sang sporadically, but were keeping low, whilst a Swift went over and there were still a bit of Swallow activity around the stables. 
There were also a Marbled White and a female Black-tailed Skimmer along the lower path.(AH/LP/PC/DHi et al)
The Spotted Redshank flew in to the Breech Pool this afternoon with three Redshanks, and the female Marsh Harrier was seen bringing in food, but there has been no sign of the male this weekend. (S&SaH)

Spotted Redshank (above), Cattle Egrets, Shelduck family, Marbled White & Black-tailed Skimmer at the North Wall (AH)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pool - Three Cattle Egrets were out on the reserve and 18 Swifts and four Swallows went over, whilst a few birds were viewable along the banks, despite the windy conditions, including a Stonechat, two Reed Buntings, ten Yellowhammers, five Reed Warblers and at least ten Whitethroats, along with an adult and a juvenile Green Woodpecker.
There were still plenty of young birds on the Stilt Pool, including four new Avocet youngsters with eight adults, a Little Ringed Plover with a well-grown chick, the pair of Oystercatchers with two juveniles and the juvenile Egyptian Goose with an adult. Also a Common Tern went over. (S&SaH/PB)

Avocets at Medmerry (SH)

Saturday, 25th June: Another morning of fairly warm sunshine and fast-moving cloud in a blustery and fresh south-westerly....

Selsey Bill: Seven Common Scoters going east were the the only birds of note this morning. Full log later. (SH/SR/AH)
(0515-0730hrs) (SW, F5)
Gannet - 6E, 26W
Common Scoter - 7E
Mediterranean Gull - 1E, 1W
Kittiwake - 1W
Sandwich Tern - 46os
Common Tern - 1os
Little Tern - 15os

(1345-1445hrs) (SH)
Gannet - 1E
Sandwich Tern - 82os (including a juvenile with its parents)
Common Tern - 2os
Little Tern - 3os

(1600-1700hrs) (SH)
Gannet - 12E, 1W
Mediterranean Gull - 2os
Sandwich Tern - 102os (with a constant flow going both east and west)
Common Tern - 1os
Little Tern - 1os
Swift - 3
House Martin - 1

Sandwich Tern at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: There was very little on the pool again, though three drake Teal were new, joined by just the regular family of Shelducks and two Lapwings. (AH)

Teal (above) & Shelduck-lings at the Ferry (AH)

Medmerry: Chainbridge to Ham - An early visit produced no sign of yesterday's Marsh Harrier near the Ham viewpoint despite a good search, though there was an impressive gathering of c150 Rooks plus two pairs of noisy Stonechats, both with two juveniles each, along the sea bank.
Also a singing male Lesser Whitethroat was in the vicinity and good numbers of Whitethroats plus young were in the adjacent hedgerows, whilst three distant Cattle Egrets were way out on the grazing marshes, viewable from the Ham viewpoint. (JP)

Park Farm, Selsey: Two young Kestrels were admonishing their parents from the farm buildings as they awaited their next meal (both parents were seen hunting) and a pair of Ravens flew across the fields, with possibly a third bird, but it flew behind Poplars.
A Pied Wagtail was also present in the fields and a pair of Buzzards were being harassed by the resident Carrion Crows. (IP)

juvenile Kestrels at Park Farm, Selsey (IP)

Church Norton: A Hoopoe flew up from the front of the Severals and over towards the trees between the Severals and was lost to view. (IP)
There was no further sign of the Hoopoe by late morning, with not much else to report, though a Cattle Egret was in the horse field, a Gadwall was on the second Several and a Sparrowhawk went over.
There were the odd Reed, Sedge and Cetti;s Warbler, around the Severals, whilst half a dozen Swallows, briefly singling Blackcaps and Whitethroats and a Stock Dove were around Greenlease Farm, with a few more of the latter along Rectory Lane.
There were lots of young Black-headed Gulls and a few young Sandwich Terns in the harbour among many adults of both, along with a few Little and Common Terns, but the only waders noted were a dozen or so Curlews and Turnstones, four Dunlin, a Redshank and a pair of Ringed Plovers. (AH/JA/IP/SR et al)

Little Terns (above), Common Tern, Stock Dove & juvenile Black-headed Gull at Church Norton (AH)

North Wall: A Kingfisher was around the sluice this morning and the Swallows were very active, with a few juveniles now on the wing. A pair of Great Crested Grebes and the Mute Swan family with the single cygnet were in the harbour along with a Curlew and a few Lapwing, whilst wo more were on the Breech Pool along with the Shelduck family, still with all seven chicks.
There were plenty of Grey Herons and Little Egrets, along with a few Cattle Egrets around Owl Copse and out on their island, while at Halsey’s Farm there were five Black-tailed Godwits and a Skylark was singing from a fence post. (LP)
Also, the female Marsh Harrier was seen bringing in food once, but oddly three times she brought in nesting material. Also, two Cuckoos and a few Swifts and Swallows were about. (S&SaH)

Swallows (above), Lapwing, Shelduck family & Little Egrets and Grey Herons at the North Wall (LP)

Chichester GPs: The female Red-Crested Pochard was on the lake beside the entrance to Lakeside Holiday Park but there was no sign of the drake. Also on the lake were a Common Tern, two Great Crested Grebes and a family of Coots, whilst three Swifts and a Swallow flew overhead.
Nearby there were also a large family of Long-tailed Tits, a Goldcrest, two singing Chiffchaffs and a Whitethroat. (SR)

Red-crested Pochard at Chichester GPs (SR)