Wednesday, 10 August 2022

10th - 13th August 2022

Saturday, 13th August:  Another morning of unbroken hot sunshine, with the moderate easterly breeze just keeping it bearable. ...............

Selsey Bill: It was generally quiet, but a Grey Wagtail, five Pied Wagtails and a few Sand Martins and Swallows went east. Full log below. (SR/AH/P&LH/JA)
(0640-0830hrs) (NE, F3)
Great Crested Grebe - 3E
Gannet - 16E, 10W, 19os
Oystercatcher - 1E, 1W
Mediterranean Gull - 3E, 3W, 22os
Black-headed Gull - 54E
Common Gull - 1E
Sandwich Tern - 12E, 6W, 4os
Swallow - 13E
Sand Martin - 28E
House Martin - 1
Grey Wagtail - 1E
Pied Wagtail - 5E
Willow Warbler - 1 (in off sea)

Gannet at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: The Temminck's Stint was reported early on, but not seen later, but otherwise it was just the regulars, including a dozen Dunlin and Redshanks, c40 Lapwings, c60 Black-tailed Godwits, c25 Teal, five juvenile Shelducks and the lone Brent Goose. (AH et al)

Brent Goose (above) & Shelduck at the Ferry (AH)

Church Norton: There were more than 1,500 hirundines around this morning, with over half of them being Sand Martins, and five Wheatears were spread along the beach, together with a few Linnets, with the only other passerines being a female Reed Bunting and a few Whitethroats along the Severals.
Two Teal and a Moorhen were the only birds in the second Several, with a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the dead tree at the back and a female Sparrowhawk hunting there, with a Kestrel and two Buzzards also seen.
The harbour held the most interest, with c250 Dunlin spread all over the southern part, along with c50 Turnstones and a similar number of Ringed Plover, in addition to the usual Redshanks, Oystercatchers and Curlews, plus a summer-plumaged Bar-tailed Godwit, four Black-tailed Godwits, a Lesser Black-backed Gull and a showy Kingfisher on the metalwork, whilst a Shelduck flew out of the harbour mouth, heading east. (IP)

Kingfisher at Church Norton (IP)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pool - There was a fair selection along the banks this morning, including a Dartford Warbler, a Sedge Warbler, two Reed Warblers, two Wheatears, two Yellow Wagtails, 25 Whitethroats, 15 Yellowhammers, three Reed Buntings and unusually for this side of the reserve, six Corn buntings together.
Also, three Green Sandpipers flew over together, calling, four Cattle Egrets were on the reserve ans a Sparrowhawk and c50 Sand Martins and Swallows went over.
The Wood Sandpiper was on the Stilt Pool again, along with up to six Common Sandpipers, two Snipe, two Avocets, three Ringed Plovers, three Dunlin, two Black-tailed Godwits and a Redshank, with a Common Gull among the Black-headed Gulls and three Greylag Geese and a Barnacle-type hybrid among the Canada Geese. (S&SaH/TS)

This evening a Glossy Ibis was seen flying east near Marsh Barn. (MT)

Glossy Ibis at Medmerry (MT)

North Wall: The Squacco Heron continued to show - and feed - well in its rife at Halsey's Farm, whilst at least 50 Cattle Egrets were scattered around the fields and harbour, with up to two Greenshank in White's Creek and a Whimbrel in the harbour.
A Whinchat along the wall was the best passerine of a quiet morning, with otherwise just a handful of Lesser Whitethroats, Whitethroat and Willow Warblers seen, plus a few Sand Martins and Swallows over. (LP/SP/AH/SH/AB/NR/TB et al)

Whinchat (LP) (above), Squacco Heron (LP above, AH lower), Cattle Egrets & Lesser Whitethroat (AH) at the North Wall

Chichester Canal: It was quiet in a quick look, but a juvenile Yellowhammer, two Blackcaps, a Willow Warbler and a few Reed Warblers were along the hedges and several little Grebes were among the many Coots and Moorhens. (AH)

Yellowhammer and Goldfinch (above), Blackcap & Little Grebe at Chichester Canal (AH)

Chi GPs: Drayton House pits - On my WeBS count the surprise of the day was two Great White Egrets, which dropped in on the North pit to feed for a short while, before flying off southwards. 
The majority of the interest was also on this pit, which held 24 Shoveler, 58 Pochard and 14 Gadwall. A few Swallows were about, as were several Willow Warblers, whilst Reed Warblers were still much in evidence, with a couple even giving the odd burst of song together with a couple of Cetti’s Warblers. (OM)

Great White Egrets at Drayton House pits - top two first bird, lower second bird (OM)

Northcommon Farm: A Pied Flycatcher was in the hedge just beyond the playing field this evening, along with a couple of Willow Warblers, whilst two Green Woodpeckers were on the field itself. (AH)

Pied Flycatcher (above), Willow Warbler & Green Woodpecker at Northcommon Farm (AH)

Friday, 12th August: Yet another scorching hot day under a cloudless sky, though with a little more of a breeze, initially from the north-east before veering to the south-west..........

Selsey Bill: There was little to report this morning, though the pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins were about, initially heading west, then back east. Full log below. (SR/AH/IP)
(0645-0800hrs) (NE, F3-4) 
Gannet - 18E, 1W
Oystercatcher - 1E
Mediterranean Gull - 1E, 4os
Sandwich Tern - 4E, 4os
Swallow - 8E
House Martin - 2
Bottle-nosed Dolphin - c8E

House Martin (above), Sandwich Tern & Bottle-nosed Dolphins at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: The Temminck's Stint was still present this morning, with a Green Sandpiper also seen early on, but not later, whilst a Marsh Harrier went through late in the morning. Otherwise, though, it was much the same as of late, with c25 Dunlin, a dozen Redshanks and c50 Black-tailed Godwits about, along with the Brent Goose, five juvenile Shelducks and c30 Teal. (HW/AH/SH/CG et al)

Temminck's Stint (above), Marsh Harrier, Brent Goose and Black-tailed Godwit & Black-tailed Godwit at the Ferry (AH)

North Wall: The Squacco Heron was showing well this morning, while along the fence posts in Owl Point Field there were four Wheatears and a Spotted Flycatcher, and a group of 24 Cattle Egrets were amongst the cows in the Honer fields, along with a few Lapwings and Curlews.
A Little Ringed Plover and three Pied Wagtails were on the Breech Pool which otherwise held just a Teal, a couple of Lapwings, a few Mallards and one of the juvenile Shelducks. A Greenshank was in White's Creek and a Kingfisher flew out from the sluice while a Whinchat, a Willow Warbler, two Whitethroats and a few Linnets were in the nearby bushes. (LP/CT/TG/S&SaH)

Squacco Heron (above), Wheatear, Spotted Flycatcher & juvenile Stonechat at the North Wall (LP)

This evening there was no sign of the Squacco Heron, though four Wheatears were in Owl Point fields, with a few Sand Martins and Swallows over. (AH/P&JW)

Wheatears at the North Wall (AH)

North Selsey: Four or five Willow Warblers moved through our garden early this morning. (JA)

Park Farm, Selsey: There were c200 Sand Martins, c100 Swallows and c50 House Martins on the wires and over the fields this evening, along with a single Pied Wagtail, whilst there were another 200+ Sand Martins along Park Lane and the beach there. (S&SaH)

West Itchenor: Approximately 1200 Mediterranean Gulls  were spread along the east side of the harbour between Ella Nore and the Horse Pond south of West Itchenor early this afternoon. (PH)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pool - A juvenile Little Stint was on the Stilt Pool this morning, along with another appearance by the elusive Wood Sandpiper, together with four Common Sandpipers, two Snipe, two Avocet, the Black-tailed Godwits, 14 Dunlin and the pair of Ringed Plovers with their now fledged youngster.
Three Dartford Warblers were along the banks, along with a Yellow Wagtail, four Stonechats, six Wheatears and up to eight Yellowhammers and Whitethroats, whilst c300 Sand Martins and c30 Swallows went over. (S&SaH)

Church Norton: It was very quiet here, with two or three Whitethroats and Willow Warblers along the west side and a handful of Swallows and sand Martins over being the only migrants seen.
The harbour was quiet, too, with just a few distant Grey Plovers, Dunlin and Curlews out on the mud, though a gathering of 18 Great Crested Grebes in the main channel was unusual. (AH)

Sand Martin (above), Willow Warbler, Whitethroat & Great crested Grebes at Church Norton (AH)

Chichester Canal: Despite sounding so quiet there was still plenty to see along the canal. The water level has understandably dropped, to just a few inches in places and so the Water Voles are easier to see, which must surely put them in some danger, especially with a Grey Heron perched close by.
Three Reed Warblers were briefly seen, along with two Whitethroats, whilst a Cetti's Warbler came down for a drink, and there were also a family of very young Little Grebes, three Moorhen families and seven Coot families all with very young chicks. Meanwhile eight Swallows and a Buzzard passed overhead. (SR)

Reed Warbler (above) & Water Vole along Chichester Canal (SR)

Thursday, 11th August: An even hotter day today under bright blue skies, but with only a light and variable breeze.......

Selsey Bill: Three Little Terns went east together this morning, with a Little Egret and over 50 Sand Martins also going east, and there were a few Common and Sandwich Terns about, too. (SR/AH/P&LH)
(0645-0800hrs) (NE, F3)
Gannet - 2E, 2W, 4os
Little Egret - 1E
Turnstone - 3W, 1 present
Mediterranean Gull - 2E, 9W
Sandwich Tern - 19E, 13W, 12os
Common Tern - 4W, 7os
Little Tern - 3E
Swallow - 5E
Sand Martin - 52E
House Martin - 3E, 2 present

Sandwich Tern (above) & Mediterranean Gull at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: The Temminck's Stint was again present this morning, though mainly at the back, with other species present comprising a Little Ringed Plover, a Common Sandpiper, an Avocet, c30 Dunlin, 58 Black-tailed Godwits, 12 Redshank, c80 Lapwings, c20 Teal and the Brent Goose. (AH/TA/DM/DIS et al)

Temminck's Stint (above), Common Sandpiper, Dunlin & Brent Goose and Lapwing at the Ferry (AH)

Northcommon Farm: A Pied Flycatcher was present, but vey elusive around 'Flycatcher Corner' this morning. Apart from that it was just a matter of two Willow Warblers, a Stock Dove, two Kestrels, a Great Spotted Woodpecker and two Green Woodpeckers.(SR)
There was no sign of the Pied Flycatcher this evening, though there were two Spotted Flycatchers and a Willow Warbler in the hedges just beyond the row of birches at the west end of the playing field. (AH)

Spotted Flycatchers at Northcommon Farm (AH)

North Wall: The Squacco Heron was still present along he rife at Halsey's Farm this morning. (TA)
This evening a Great White Egret was in the harbour near Owl Copse until it flew off, whilst there  were also a Whinchat in Owl Point Field and a juvenile Water Rail was on the Breech Pool. (SP/LP)

Water Rail (above) & Whinchat at the North Wall (LP)

Church Norton: There was, at last, a bit of passerine activity this morning, with the churchyard/hide area producing at least four Spotted Flycatchers, a lesser Whitethroat, a Garden Warbler and two Willow Warblers, whilst there were also four Wheatears on the concrete blocks.
The harbour was quiet,, though, with a Greenshank and three Ringed Plovers the best. (P&LH/DM/DIS et al)

Medmerry: Easton Lane to the Stilt Pool - The only bird out of the ordinary this morning was a Grasshopper Warbler which showed briefly in the grass and then between the gorse bushes near the first viewpoint.
Otherwise the banks were quite active before it got too hot, but mainly the usual species, including several Yellowhammer and Whitethroat families and plenty of Linnets, along with a Sedge Warbler, a couple of Reed and Willow Warblers and a Stonechat family, whilst two Pied Wagtails were in the car-park and two or three Yellow Wagtails were on the Stilt Pool.
At least four Common Sandpipers were on the Stilt Pool, too, along with c40 Dunlin, a dozen juvenile Black-tailed Godwits, a few Lapwing, four Gadwall and c100 Canada Geese, with c50 Sand Martins and c20 Swallows going over. (AH)

Sedge Warbler (above), Yellow Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Yellowhammer, Sand Martin & Common Sandpiper at Medmerry (AH)

Sidlesham: A Red Kite went over our garden on the west of the village late this morning. (AH)

Red Kite over Sidlesham (AH)

Wednesday, 10th August: The hot and sunny weather continues, with another morning of unbroken sunshine in a moderate - and unusually welcome! - north-easterly breeze.......

Selsey Bill: There were a few more Sandwich Terns about this morning than the last couple of days, with some moving off west, and a few Sand Martins were going east. Full log below. (SR/AH)
(0645-0800hrs) (NE, F3)
Gannet - 27E, 13W, 25os
Oystercatcher - 1W
Turnstone - 1W
Mediterranean Gull - 1E, 1W, 10os
Sandwich Tern - 7E, 24W, 15os
Common Tern - 2os
Swallow - 6E
Sand Martin - 51E
House Martin - 6
Pied Wagtail - 2E

Sandwich Terns (above) & Sand Martin at the Bill (AH)

Ferry Pool: The Temminck's Stint was showing well again this morning, with a Common Sandpiper and two Little Ringed Plovers also present, along with 39 Lapwings, seven Redshanks, 25 Dunlin, 81 Black-tailed Godwits, c20 Teal, three juvenile Shelducks and the Brent Goose. (NB/AB/PB/AH/TS et al)

Temminck's Stint (above), Common Sandpiper & Black-tailed Godwits at the Ferry (AH)

Selsey: Four were Swifts were over the Selsey Centre this evening. (AH)

North Wall: The Squacco Heron was still in its regular location along the rife at Halsey's Farm this morning, with a Kingfisher nearby, whilst at least 60 Cattle Egrets and a dozen Little Egrets were mainly roosting in the harbour, where three were also seven Greenshanks and a coupe of Whimbrels, but not much else beyond 50+ Redshanks.
The Breech Pool just held two juvenile Black-tailed Godwits and four juvenile Shelducks, with six Curlews and 12 Lapwings in the adjacent fields, and passerines were in short supply, with just a Lesser Whitethroat and  the odd Willow Warbler, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler and Whitethroat seen, along with a scattering of Sand Martins and Swallows. (AB/BP/AH/SR/LP/PC/CT et al)

This evening 64 Cattle Egrets were seen, along with a Wheatear, a Lesser Whitethroat and a Snipe. (S&SaH)

Squacco Heron (above), Willow Warbler, Cattle Egrets, Sand Martin & Swallows around the North Wall (AH)

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