Monday, 11 March 2013

3rd - 8th MARCH 2013

Dry and cloudy, with a brisk, cold E wind 4-5. Sunny by afternoon.

Selsey Bill (08.10 - 10.40 hrs):

Sandwich Tern -   12E
Common Scoter - 70E & 4W
Gannet - 35E & 12W
Kittiwake – c.100E
Red-breasted Merganser - 12E & 14o/s
Auk sp c.300E
Razorbill - 15E
Fulmar - 1E & 2W
Diver sp - 3E & 4W
Great Northern Diver – 3 o/s
Red-throated Diver - 45E
Wigeon - 27E
Black-throated Diver - 1E
Great Crested Grebe - 2E
Slavonian Grebe – 2 o/s                                          
 Justin and a gathering of the usual suspects started about 0700 and had logged a fair bit before I arrived, including an early Arctic Skua. The early movement of Sandwich Terns was also noteworthy; at first we assumed they must just be local wintering birds but it soon became clear that some at least were migrants, so looks like spring has started early.


Dry but cold all day due to a persistent wind, E 4-5. Cloudy with some haziness
all morning, then sunny by afternoon. 

Selsey Bill (0745-1300hrs)
After the early passage at the Bill yesterday I was interested to see if there would be further activity today. There was some; this included 6 Sandwich Terns E, which added to yesterday's 12 indicates it is passage as they surely can't all be over-wintering birds - that's my theory anyway! Other sightings were: Red-throated Diver 26E, Great Northern Diver 1 o/s, R/b Merganser 32E & 4 o/s, Pintail 4E, Shoveler 4E, Wigeon 30E, Brent Goose 85E, Common Scoter 4E & 4 o/s, Sanderling 1 o/b, Slavonian Grebe 1 o/s, Great Crested Grebe 1E, Curlew 1E, Fulmar 1W, Gannet 1E and Alba/Pied Wagtail 3N.
A fine sunny day at last, with the temperature rising to well into double figures (centigrade), but again with a persistent cool breeze E/SE 2-3.

Selsey Bill (0755-1230hrs): A warm spring-like day along the sea-wall, but visibility only a mile at most:-
Brent Goose – 259 E
Eider 7 E – all cracking males
Common Scoter – 14 E, 1 W & 30 o/s
R/B Merganser – 15 E, 6 W & 8 o/s
Shelduck – 2 E
Great Northern Diver – 3 o/s
Red- throated Diver – 7 E
Diver sp –  2 E
Great Crested Grebe –  1 o/s
Slavonian Grebe – 1 E & 1 o/s
Fulmar –  1E
Common Gull – 16 E
Sandwich Tern – 1 E
Turnstone – 10 along shore
Sanderling –  1 o/b
Meadow Pipit – 3 N

Cloudy, grey and rather chilly but remaining dry. Wind E/NE 3

Selsey Bill (0750-1150hrs):
Notably slower seawatching at the Bill this morning, four hours being enough for me. A single Sandwich Tern pottered E close inshore, even finding time to rest up on a 'green triangle' marker post but perhaps the best were 3 Black-throated Divers E and 3 Great Northerns o/s. Four Gadwall flew E and a drake Eider W, but otherwise it was standard fare in small numbers today:- Brent Goose – 13E, R/b Merganser – 22E, 10W and 10 o/s, Common Scoter – 1E, 5W and 30 o/s, Gannet – 3E and  Curlew - 8 E.    


Gloomy and misty with persistent light rain all day. Calm with a faint SE breeze. 
Selsey Bill (0740-0910hrs): A fairly dire morning really, with visibility offshore restricted to just a few hundred metres due to sea fog. I watched from the car throughout, sheltering under the tailgate, but in an hour and a half all I had seen were 17 Brent Geese E and 2 R/b Mergansers W! Eventually I decided to pack it in as a waste of time, so went and did some domestic stuff instead.

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